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On (7/2020) I was arrested by the police department. Which was a violation of my probation. I was looking at some serious prison time. (9 years) for the violation and still had new criminal case pending. It felt like my life was over. I needed a miracle to get out of this one. (THANK GOD) I found James M Taylor. He went above and beyond to help me in any way he could. At one point we learned I would most likely be detained. He gave me back the money I used to hire him so i could bail out and fight it from the outside. Mr. Taylor even offered to put money on my books if I didn't have any. I remember thinking to myself this man really cares. One time I didn't have a ride home from court. Mr. Taylor gave me a ride home.

– Antonio


Fear of the unknown is not a good thing. Let me help make that fear disappear by giving me a phone call and lets see what I can do to help make your troubles go away. A Free Consultation may be all you need to start feeling better about your situation!

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