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I first contacted Mr.Taylor many years ago about yet another felony case I needed to fight, unfortunately at that time I was in no position to actually hire him. (God knows I wanted to though) since then I have been through hell and back fighting the legal system.(since I was 18) I'm 34 now and 8 months pregnant and found myself facing yet another 3 yr. term at 85% (all because of a horrible deal I took when I was 18, I've been paying for ever since without a BREAK/CHANCE one time ever) I lost my newborn 4 yrs. ago because I found myself stuck taking a wrap for a gun found in my home by none other than my b/f at that time who refused to admit it was his. I honestly had no idea it was even in my home. needless to say, I went to prison and cps. adopted my infant out. I was helpless. here I sat 4 yrs. later in the same shoes again. except my charge for anyone else was a misdemeanor!!! for myself FELONY facing 32 months. at 85%. I didn't have much money at all, but James didn't care, he took my case any way... (I even offered to scrub his toilets lol, he of course said no but...I really would have because I knew he was my only hope). And I couldn't have been more correct! less than 8 months later and a lot of hard determined work from him... I FINALLY GOT THE FIRST CHANCE I'VE EVER BEEN GIVEN (since 18 years old). and also, my first MISDEMEANOR. and I made his job very hard for him because I was blatantly too honest with the police (yikes). I don't know how he did it exactly, but he is mine and my son's and my family's and my NEW LITTLE girl's (sep.10 due) God Sent Angel... I OWE HIM MY LIFE. And I will forever make him PROUD. thank u James Taylor. I love you. if you don't hire this man YOUR INSANE!
– Crystal


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